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Mega Sporting Events


Mega Sporting Event - Safety and Security Solutions and Integration

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Mega sporting events require careful planning and special product selection in order to meet the unique safety and security considerations of the event security decision makers.

Magal S3’s strategy comprises an end-to-end solution in securing vulnerable outdoor areas. Utilizing years of experience and technical know-how, the company provides: tailor made turnkey optimized solutions for the specific event, risk analysis, plans, policies and procedures. Turnkey delivery includes the following phases:

  • Studying and understanding customer requirements and concept of operations
  • Performing a terrain and site survey
  • Undertaking detailed planning that is focused towards the first responders, the command and control center(s) and the whole site operations
  • Constructing civil and communications infrastructure
  • Integrating and implementing a range of in-house and third party systems including pre-intrusion detection, physical perimeter protection, CCTV, gateways, access control and any other equipment
  • Commissioning and training
  • Providing post-sales support

Limited Duration of Event

Unlike other critical infrastructure sites, mega sporting events are time limited. Once the Gold medal is awarded the event venues (Olympic parks, training grounds, stadiums) remain deserted in many instances.

The diligent designer of sporting event security must come up with creative ideas so as to exploit the investment of security and safety systems for the days and years after the event. Magal has the expertise and know how to implement such cost efficient solutions.

The Power of Integration

Integration of Mega Events includes all the power and communication systems needed to operate the entire security and safety project together with all accompanying infrastructure.

Based on the customer’s unique security and safety considerations, Magal’s expertise is to design an integrated total security solution based on the following concepts / building blocks:

· Perimeter Security

· Access Road Protection

· Access, Door and Gate Control

· Explosive Device / Metal Detection

· Monitoring

· Face Recognition

· Crowd Control

· Venue and Centralized Control for Multiple Command & Control Rooms

· Equipment utilization for other security projects after end of games

Magal is responsible for complete integration of all security products and systems, under one Physical Security Information Management system with a unified and user friendly display of all alarms and events.