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Customer Conference 2013

Magal S3 in cooperation with Israel Defense Magazine, held an industry conference under the subject of “Fusion of Physical and Cyber Security”.
The event included an open exhibition and a formal conference.

The exhibition featured several new solutions in the field of perimeter protection: 
Roboguard is a revolutionary agile robot for perimeter protection: an autonomous trolley that travels on a monorail running along smart fences, and is capable of responding promptly to intrusion alerts.
Roboguard supports various payloads such as cameras, intercom, pepper spray deterrent and more. Once every few hours, the RoboGuard automatically approaches the docking station where its battery is replaced.
Fortis 4G - Magal’s flag ship system for Command & Control, to which all systems and sensors featured at the exhibition are integrated. The system attracted attention in its own right, due to its intuitive man-machine interface, and touch- screen capability.
Smart fences - The exhibition also brought into the spotlight Magal's next generation of sensors, the DTR4G and Fensor. These solid state sensors will replace existing technology and serve Magal’s customers in the coming decades.

CyberSeal (Magal’s recently-acquired Cyber-Security subsidiary) presented its suite of advanced site protection devices:
Tungsten”, an Ethernet switch embedded with advanced Cyber Security features.
“Cobalt”, a one-way Ethernet network gate (Diode) for hermetic isolation between networks.
Rubidium, a software system, installed in security rooms, which controls and manages Cyber events.
The YttriumIMSI catcher, which detects and analyses cell-phone activity at critical sites and Vanadium”, a detector of hostile IMSI catchers.

The Conference

The formal part of the conference started with Eitan Livneh, President and CEO of Magal, presenting the renewal that Magal has gone through over the past two years.
Livneh mentioned the Gabon African Cup Security Project as a project that stretched Magal’s capabilities, enabling successful delivery of security to 16 sites in seven months.
Another project recently delivered is the Seaport Security project in Mombasa, Kenya.
Livneh presented Magal’s new paradigm of consolidating cyber security with physical security for critical sites, thus kicking off the rest of the day.
Livneh introduced Magal's recently acquired subsidiary CyberSeal, which develops Cyber Security and Cellular Networks products.

Convention guests enjoyed a number of guest lectures and discussions of a special panel of experts.
The first lecture was delivered by Mr. Zori Kor, former head of Technology in the National Information Security Authority and currently a Senior Director at ASERO Worldwide. 
Mr. Kor emphasized that physical protection is inseparable from cyber security; anyone who wants physical protection and tighter control must find a cyber umbrella to secure the physical system. Also, no cyber security system will hold without proper support of physical security components that will be placed accordingly.

A panel conducted by Amir Rappaport with the participation of Shlomo Mofaz from Foresight and Yossi Fisher, Mekorot Head of Security, discussed the interaction between physical security and cyber threats. They saw the current emergence of initial requirments for such fusion in mature markets. The Mekorot Head of Security believed that an integrated management system of physical and logical security should result in better effectiveness and efficiency.

Brigadier General (Res.) Nitzan Nouriel, former head of the National Security Council's Counter Terrorism Agency, gave the closing speech, by saying that concentrating on risk management of strategic sites only is not enough; the risk at medium-sized facilities and services should also be considered, since simultaneous damage to multpile medium-sized facilities may have a massive impact and so disrupt the trust of the public in these service providers.

For additional pictures from the conference for participants please click here.