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Magal S3 is committed to operate according to a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct that has been specifically designed to guarantee compliance and obligation to applicable laws and regulations.

Magal′s Corporate Code of Ethics

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance policy demonstrates our commitment to manage a process that promotes, reinforces and ensures customer satisfaction throughout the project′s life cycle - consultation, installation, integration, commissioning and post-sales support.

Our international standard QA and safety certificates include :  ISO 9001 and ISO 18001 certificates

Our basic principles reflect our commitment to:
-    Providing high-quality solution
-    Demonstrating integrity and credibility towards our stakeholders worldwide in all aspects of our business endeavors

Governance and Auditing
Our audit committee consists of three board members in compliance with the Securities and Exchange Commission, NASDAQ and Israeli law for audit committee members. 
The audit committee meets at least once each quarter and, among others, reviews of the internal controls of the company and the internal auditor’s audit annual plan.

Environment & Community
Magal S3 is committed to the environment and the communities in which it operates. The company manages a process that promotes, reinforces and ensures compliance with international environmental standards and regulations.
Magal S3 performs according to guidelines and requirements that reduce and minimize environmental hazards, and that are designed to help create and preserve a clean and safe world.

Our international standard Environmental certificates include: ISO 14001 certificates

Conflict mineral
Magal S3 has evaluated its current product lines and determined that certain products that we manufacture or contract to manufacture contain tin, tungsten, tantalum, or gold (3TG), which are defined as “conflict minerals” by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission that are necessary to the functionality or production of our products. Accordingly, Magal has filied a Disclosure Report along with a Conflict Minerals Report to disclose the measures we have taken to determine the origin of the conflict minerals used in our products.

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Magal S3 contributes to community relations and social responsibility by encouraging involvement of employees in the community′s daily life assisting less fortunate groups.