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Security in airports has always been a high priority with high visibility, yet the perimeter surrounding the airport was, and still is in many cases, neglected. Most of the airports, if they do have full fence coverage it would probably be a simple fence, without any detection capability.So, airports are investing billions on personal security measures such as screening tools, sniffers and cameras; similarly a complementary investment is required in order to secure the full perimeter; since any security chain is no stronger than its weakest link, each segment and sector of the perimeter must be secure enough to ensure the protection of the entire perimeter. 

Magal S3 airport security approach
Magal encourages basing any solution on a professional threat analysis rather than a band-aid approach. The analysis should match the threats with a comprehensive Concept Of Operations (CONOPS), looking on all three elements: technology, manpower and processes.Magal is the world leader in tailoring full PIDS solutions. A typical discussion with the customer would define the following critical parameters as the input for an optimized solution:

  • Define areas demanding high security versus lower security priority sections
  • Identify the location of the command and control center; determine whether more than one is needed
  • Identify where first responders are located; how long will it take them to respond effectively to an alarm and intercept the intruder, if the perimeter is breached

Magal S3 airport PIDS solution Ideally, an airport should have a PIDS solution with a minimum of a two layers; some airports (like Indira Gandhi Int’l, India) choose even four layers for better confidence.It is recommended to establish any airport solution on a combination of smart fences and barriers, supported by a mix of long range surveillance cameras and smart cameras (i.e. equipped with outdoors IVA – Intelligent Video Analytics).
A comprehensive solution should be integrated through a centralized PSIM System (Physical Security Information Management); Magal′s Fortis 4G aggregates data from multiple security sub-systems and sensors, in real time, provides comprehensive situational awareness and management tools for normal operations as well as crisis situations.An important element of an effective airport PIDS solution is a fast and responsive mobile force which should  be fully integrated with the PSIM through a two way communication for exchanging data and video information with the C&C center.Projects delivered by Magal S3 also include integration of smart gates, access control, data and radio communication and complementary surveillance sensors such as radars.

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