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 The 21st Century brings with it more intense and constant threats, as well as the pressure of potential terrorist attacks, increased crime rates and anti-government protests as a result of national and localized issues. It is a small world and getting more condensed every day.
A major concern of most countries is the integrity of their national borders against illegal immigration, smuggling, hostile invasion and the movement of terrorists.

Protecting borders by Intrusion Detection Systems is unavoidable, especially in specific areas susceptible to illegal intrusions. There are a few common requirements for any border intrusion detection solution:
Very low FAR / NAR (False Alarm / Nuisance Rate) is mandatory; first responders are typically spread very thinly along the border; they cannot afford to be alerted in vain.
Very high PD – although the extent of this requirement may vary based on the level of threat, it can only vary between very high PD to very very high PD

Inherent robustness to sustain the environmental challenges – winter, wind, water, salty environment along seashores, noisy EMI / RFI (Electro-Magnetic / Radio Frequency Interference) environment, etc.

Low dependency on infrastructure and accessibility: power may not be available or expensive; communication lines, if available, may be with limited bandwidth; access to the fence / detectors may be blocked due to vegetation; lack of paved road
All the above impose strict requirements on reliability / maintainability and, robustness. And indeed Magal S3 has developed some products with exceptional performance. As an example the DTR tout wire system has a guaranteed detection probability with less than one (1) alarm per one (1) Km per three (3) months. But the specific solution may vary significantly from region to region pending threats, culture and operational concerns.

Tailored Solutions to different customer

The US SBInet (Secure Border Initiative) project failure has only confirmed that “one-size-fits-all” hardly fits any security application and definitely is not applicable for securing borders.Here are a few examples of tailored solutions:

West European is characterized by perceived limited national defense threats but with the focus on illegal immigration, drugs smuggling with emphasis and awareness to aesthetics. Therefore physical barriers are the least preferred solution. Virtual fences / volumetric sensors are the best fit: buried cable, microwave and even radars are the backbone of the solution; CCTV day / night / short or long range cameras should augment the solution by a verification layer;PSIM (FORTIS 4G), communication and smart first respond force is crucial to complement the solution.

The Middle East related borders are mainly affected by fundamental homeland security concerns, where every intruder may be a potential ticking time-bomb. This is the classic region for taut wire or high security fences with smart detectors. Radars, short or long range cameras, PSIM (FORTIS 4G) and vehicle personnel should complement any solution.

Populated areas where the border is right on the edge of a city may need to deploy a physical high wall or fence. Early warning is almost useless, since any sensor will be saturated by the level of non hostile noise on the other side. If the barrier already exists, adding Fence Mounted Sensors would turn it into a smart barrier with a minor investment, yielding Instantaneous reliable automatic alert in real time and in any weather and lighting conditions. Naturally verification sensors must be deployed when immediate response is not practical.

Protecting a border crossing may include an array of mobile and thermal cameras, people tracking & inspection devises based on RFID technology, access & gate control, wireless information broadcast for personnel and vehicles, all managed by Magal S3′s FORTIS Command & Control system. 

Magal proven track record in securing borders
Magal S3 has a proven track record of solving all of these needs in several regions around the world, with the ability to maintain excellent reliability, low maintenance and affordable life-cycle costs with no environmental limitations.

Environmental friendliness has also become a major concern along the last few years; any solution should consider wildlife and aesthetics. See also whitepaper on Green Technology

Solutions are a compromise between the level and kinds of threats, environmental concerns and the available budget; yet they are equally influenced by culture, concept of operation, legal aspects and very importantly – terrain.

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