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Magal S3 provides turnkey video solutions, specializing in PIDS and outdoor applications. A typical solution includes OEM and third party products, complemented by some cutting edge products developed by Magal S3.

The home grown technology developed by the company, is specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of perimeter and outdoors, such as, moving vegetation and background, a wide range of lighting conditions and harsh environmental conditions. The system architecture is optimized for physically distributed systems that need to cover large sites.
VMD / IVA - For over 15 years the company has pioneered the use of Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) and virtual fencing, based on VMD (Video Motion Detection); sophisticated algorithms are constantly upgraded to meet specific customer needs and technology standards.
Maestro DB is a hybrid Video Management Software (VMS) with powerful IVA that can run on any standard computer(s) and can integrate / interface to analog and IP video from a range of manufacturers and technologies, including HD / Mega pixel cameras. The distributed architecture of the system facilitates installation in large sites, where a few remote centers need to share resources economically.
Magal S3 provides and integrates high quality third party cameras as part of its solution.
Additionaly, Magal is participating in developers groups and video standards groups, in order to ensure full compatability of our soultuion with commercial standards and products.
In addition, Magal
S3 is offering a line of high-end cameras which have been packaged and optimized to comploement its PIDS products, and are also suitable for other applications including mobile and rapidly deployable surveillance.
These products are design to meet high-end and unique requirements like: low power consumption, low bandwidth output, versatile communication methods, day and night fence surveillance, affordability and robustness for extreme environmental conditions.
  • The MTC-1500i is a high end yet affordable, dual technology (thermal and CCD) outdoor surveillance system. It provides day CCTV and night/day thermal long distance detection and recognition.
  • Magal S3 offers two rapidly deployable surveillance systems designed for law enforcement, security and special operations forces.
  • Roboguard - an agile scout, running along secured fences, ensuring perimeter integrity and capable of responding promptly to intrusion alerts. Typical payload assortment includes a fence scanner, a wide angle static camera, a powerful PTZ camera and inter- comm.

High end, off the ground surveillance solutions
Magal new high end, state of the art, off-ground surveillance solutions:

  • Derived from military technologies
  • Tailored to the security and safety requirements (HLS vertical market)
  • Self sustained and easy to deploy
  • Designed for ease of operation
  • Cost effective

Tactical Aerostats System (T.A.S.)
T.A.S. is an advanced aerial surveillance system, based on super-light stabilized imaging payloads, mounted on a small and easy to operate tethered helium Aerostat (blimp).

Light weight stabilized payloads
Our light weight stabilized payload family includes a line of sensors: starting from 800 Grams, 2 axis stabilized payloads, through products with 3 axis stabilized payload and up to 7 kg dual sensor payloads.

Mini UAV system for "over the hill" surveillance
The Mini UAV is a deployable system designed to provide "over the hill" intelligence.
The UAV kit is back carried, built for fast deployment and ease of operations with no need for tools to complete assembly or disassembly.

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