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Critical Infrustructure
Critical Infrastructures (CIP)

Industrial facilities are exposed to sabotage, crime and theft. The potential loss of assets and production, the risk to the environment and general public as a result of arson, chemical spills or airborne pollution, creates the need to plan for and reduce these risks. 
Magal S3 provides S3 solutions robust enough to work under extreme EMI and RFI conditions, in bad weather and poor visibility; these are deployed in many sites such as water supply and treatment facilities, electrical and transmission stations, petrochemical compounds, production and storage warehouses.
Solutions and products are tailored to the level and types of anticipated risks, the concept of operations and deployment of the first responders; these are balanced by economical and cost concerns. Staged solutions can be tailored to budget constrains with the flexibility to grow the solution over time.
Our solutions collect data from various sources within a single facility or across an enterprise and integrate it, to improve productivity, efficiency, safety and security.Our service expertise and leading-edge products enable optimized operation and allow organizations ensure uninterrupted security and safety for the sake of business continuity.
Warehouse facilities and storage yards                              Watch our solution on video

Due to the nature and design of warehouse and storage facilities (designed for ease of access for loading/unloading, located in remote or unattended locations), vandalism and theft are major S3 considerations. Magal S3′s solutions provide protection of premises and assets for a wide range of companies to deter potential intruders and detect perimeter intrusion, break-through walls and roofs and cut through attempts to internal security cages.

CIP white paper
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