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The New Paradigm For Our Cyber Era with Holistic Site Security

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The hybrid CyberPhysical threat

Today, security solutions and managed systems are digital thus it is possible to hack and penetrate a site through logical means, and execute any possible crime remotely, with minimal risk and leaving almost no trace.
A common cyber hacker can select an assortment of actions that will be just as effective as:

  • Inhibiting alerts from smart sensors such as perimeter or fire alarm systems
  • Creating false perceptions by manipulating the monitored footage
  • Creating fake identities by remote production of access cards
  • Hacking onsite operational systems such as power, air condition and elevators
Security networks are highly exposed to cyber threats due to some very fundamental characteristics:

Principles of the core solution

The purpose of the solution is to monitor the network flow, detect abnormalities and respond immediately in order to confront any suspected attack.
At the heart of it lays a managed switch, embeded with cyber security capabilities, which acts like a flow guardian and enforces the security police (more about the Tungsten switch)

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The complete solution
As a minimum any solution must include, beyond the switch described above, a Security Information Event Management system (SIEM) in order to collect and classify alerts, to enable real-time human interaction, to setup / commision the rules and more. The SIEM is the central brain of the full solution which may also include:

  • Wireline firewall, which should enforce the security policy regarding external communication
  • Diodes between critical networks, such as between the access control and the ERP
  • Local cyber agents for servers and databases that should detect evolving abnormalities, even before these are manifested to the network
  • Local cyber agents on terminals that should detect policy breaches such as virus import through disk-on-key, and unauthorized bridging between the main wired network and wireless links (such as WiFi or Bluetooth)
  • And last but not least - critical sites should also be protected from hacking of their cellular and wireless devices; otherwise the proliferation of smart-phone applications may open a back door into their operational systems

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