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The energy sector is extremely vulnerable with threats on the rise. Attacks or damage to such installations can lead to massive ecological damage, revenue loss and chaos on international energy markets. The presence of crime, undetected leaks and slicks has frequently caused disastrous fires, explosions and loss of life. These installations contain valuable assets and have areas that are difficult to protect. They are also linked by networks of support facilities throughout a country.
Magal S3 has successfully deployed its S3 solutions in critical national infrastructure sites including: nuclear power plants, hydro-electric plants, stand-alone islands of critical assets, switching and transformer stations, petro-chemical processing plants, storage sites and research institutions.
Every site is unique and hence the solution, however a typical solution will consist of more than one layer and sometimes, for very high secured sites, may include even three or even four layers of protection. A tailored solution should integrate elements of the following technologies:
  • A combination of smart fences and barriers
  • A mix of long range surveillance cameras with smart (i.e. equipped with outdoors IVA – Intelligent Video Analytics) static and / or PTZ cameras
  • Complementary surveillance sensors such as volumetric sensors or radar
  • Smart gates with access control
  • A command and control center with either a smaller C&C SMS (Security Management System) or even a sophisticated PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) system, such as FORTIS 4G is which highly recommended for large and complex sites.
  • And last and very important - a fast and responsive mobile force managed through bi-directional communication to the command center
Also, Magal S3 has developed a unique system (PipeGuard) to protect Oil & Gas pipes from theft, sabotage and even third party inadvertent damage

As a solution to the national and environmental implications related to theft of, or damage / sabotage to hazardous substances and sites, Magal S3 has developed an extensive product portfolio and offers the technical expertise to meet the unique requirements of high-risk installations, as mandated by the International Atomic Energy Agency.


FORTIS 4G brochure