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Prisons/Correction Facilities

The primary focus at Prisons / correctional facilities is the need to keep inmates inside an enclosed area as opposed to detecting intruders from the outside. But these institutions should not be regarded as a one-way street since responsibility for keeping drugs, contraband and would-be escape collaborators out of the area are also important tasks for prison authorities
Years of experience in securing correctional facilities have produced an industry-wide confidence in Magal S3′s security solutions. Ninety per cent of U.S. correctional facilities using electronic security employ our sensors and life safety products in both perimeter and staff security.

Magal S3 provides comprehensive solution for these high profile sites that combines several security levels, including:
  • High end barriers such as tout wire (DTR, Yael)
  • Various types of fence mounted sensors, such as Barricade II and micro-phonic sensors
  • Covert sensors (virtual fence) such as buried cable
  • Volumetric sensors that may cover over-the-wall intruders or serve as a standalone detection layer
  • CCTV detection and verification layer equipped with high performance VMD (Video Motion Detection) and sophisticated IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) –Maestro DB
  • Integration through a smart PSIM system - FORTIS 4G