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Municipalities and Safe City


Municipalities and Safe City
Inflated populations in the inner cities result in crime, vandalism and a major target for terrorism. This directly impacts the community′s economic, political and personal well-being.
Municipal surveillance demands a non-intrusive security solution while at the same time must address the diverse range of sensitivities, routines and systems used by various emergency services (police, fire, health, emergency services, etc.)

Magal S3
′s municipal security solution is based on a combination of multimedia information sources (video, voice and data). Information is managed through an integrated computer-based command and control communication system. This system seamlessly integrates into existing sensors and sub-systems to provide real-time information in the case of abnormal or irregular activity. When an incident occurs, effective and accurate response and reaction to an event is made possible.

Safe City

The Safe City is a concept for returning security, safety and quality of life to today’s complex cities through the use of technology, infrastructure, personnel and processes. The Safe City concept can be applied to cities, towns, industrial parks, college campuses, or any other physical environment where people require a safe, comfortable environment. 

In the old days, preserving law and order in a city was the responsibility of police patrolmen who physically walked the streets of relatively confined sectors. While the territory that an individual patrolman could cover with his eyes, ears and feet was limited, his ability to serve and protect the population under his care was remarkable. In addition to enforcing the law, a patrolman’s responsibility included guiding lost children, controlling and directing traffic, protecting homes and businesses, identifying neighborhood troublemakers, and performing a host of “good governance” activities crucial the health of a properly functioning neighborhood. In crisis situations, the patrolman’s intimate knowledge of his sector allowed him to evaluate threats, mitigate damages, and return life to the status quo as quickly as possible.
Modern cities have changed dramatically in recent decades: cities have become more congested, and crimehas soared, while vandalism and vagrancy have become routine. In the context of shrinking municipal budgets and the rising cost of manpower, the model of the friendly neighborhood beat policeman seems antiquated and quaint.
Safe City is a new paradigm to fit modern cities and the rising cost of manpower; it combines the street patrolman’s intuitive approach with state-of-the-art observation, communication and information management.
How does Safe City Work?
The Safe City Control Center provides a hub for the analysis and dissemination of information collected from various sources including government agencies, private organizations and individual citizens as well as specialized equipment such as sensors and cameras. The results are faster, more effective responses to service outages, streamlined law enforcement operations and real-time management of crisis situations. 
 Magal S3 Safe City Components
No two communities are exactly alike in their geography, infrastructure, legal system, demographics, budget, goals or challenges faced. For this reason, every Safe City solution must be tailored to the requirements of the individual customer. Broadly put, however, Safe City solutions assemble the security, control and management functions of disparate sub-systems under a single integrated Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platform. This software platform connects all sub-systems and sensors: cameras, emergency buttons, bi-directional communication, traffic system and deployable units to a control center which is the brain of the whole system.
Wireless communication often provides an important backbone for cities that want to avoid the expense and/or disruption of installing wired communication infrastructure.

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