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The Need for Port Security 

The terror attacks of September 11th raised the global awareness about terrorism and its impact on the world economy. The potential to ship explosives, weapons, chemical material and “dirty bombs” into unsuspecting harbors has become a major threat to the global community. Ports also face an added level of threat with the continued rise of criminal activity.
To address the issue of seaport safety on a global scale, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) – at the behest of the United States – instituted the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code in December 2002.

Magal S3 Seaport PIDS Solution
When it comes to securing seaports, the perimeter is the first place to start with. But since the strongest chain is as weak as its weakest link, a full integrated solution, that covers every piece of the perimeter, is required.
Magal S3 is a one-stop-shop for modern seaport security solutions and projects. Magal S3 meets its customers’ need with its tailored,
integrated security approach that incorporates the best of all-weather breed detection systems, video analytics and information management. This approach, built on the company’s extensive experience and in-house state-of-the-art technology, positions Magal S3as a leading provider for ports outdoors comprehensive solutions.

Most of Magal’s products are applicable for ports, including smart fences and barriers, fence mounted detection systems, a mix of long range surveillance cameras and smart cameras (i.e. equipped with outdoors IVA – Intelligent Video Analytics). And last and very important - a fast and responsive mobile force with a centralized PSIM System (Physical Security Information Management).
Sea-Port Projects delivered by Magal also include integration of smart gates, access control, data and radio communication and complementary surveillance sensors such as radars.
Magal S3’s intrusion detection systems are durable, robust and designed to perform under any seaside condition including salt fog, corrosive materials, water, wind, extreme temperatures, electromagnetic interference, and vibrations induced by ground traffic. 

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