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Turnkey solutions

Implementation – From Start to Finish, Without Compromise 

Magal S3’s collective experience with third party COTS equipment combined with proffesional technical know-how let to build an end-to-end solution strategy in securing vulnerable outdoor areas.
Every solution begins with a thorough analysis of the customer's needs, existing assets and operational requirments together with the security consultant tailoring a relevant solution to the market's risks, customer's needs, plans, policies and procedures.

As a leading player in the market, Magal was among the first to identify market's exposure to new threats, cyber threats on secured sites and the security networks itself. Therefore, Magal, through the new subsidiary, CyberSeal, is now providing an additional level of cyber security into its digital security solutions as well as to other critical assets, such as power, utility and other industrial systems.

Magal S3 offers a comprehensive customized turnkey solution that includes the following phases: :

A typical turnkey solution consists of all, or a subset of the following:
  • Pre-intrusion detection systems
  • physical perimeter protection augmented by sensors
  • CCTV & IVA systems
  • Gateway and entry monitoring
  • Verification and communication systems
  • Cyber security system
  • At the core of any advanced solution is a PSIM system
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